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GNUstep and Étoilé at the GNU hackers meeting

Posted on 1 September 2011 by Quentin Mathé

While David was at the ESUG last week, on my side I went to the GNU hackers meeting that was located in Paris this year. I happen to live here, so I took the lazy option… It was much easier to take a subway to meet the GNU hackers rather than a plane to join the Smalltalkers in Scotland !

Ludovic Courtès a Guile maintainer did a great job at organizing at the event, so everything went smoothly. Among the numerous presentations that were scheduled over four days, I did one about GNUstep and Étoilé. I was more or less representing GNUstep since Fred Kiefer the AppKit maintainer couldn't come.

The first part is a short introduction about Objective-C and some patterns in GNUstep. For example, I tried to present the class transform idea which is widely used but almost never discussed. The second part was the heretic one given that Étoilé is BSD-licensed ;-)… At this point, the talk was centered around LanguageKit and the various optimizations that allows Objective-C and Pragmatic Smalltalk to be truly fast. At the end, I was running out of time, but I briefly covered EtoileUI to illustrate how extensible things are in Étoilé at a higher level.

You can read the PDF slides at Extensibility in GNUstep & Étoilé.