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Track... New Étoilé List!

Posted on 30 November 2005 by Quentin Mathé

A new Étoilé list has been set up, it is called etoile-track. It is configured to receive notifications sent by Bug, Patch and Task trackers each time one of their item is updated. I would have preferred to have such list named etoile-support or eventually etoile-bug, but none of them were accepted by GNA system (strangely, they are reported to be reserved to avoid potential conflicts).

If you are involved in Étoilé or just interested to track Étoilé development, you should subscribe here.

For now, this list isn't mirrored on Gmane.

Last note, it is widely public… It is not needed to be a subscribed member to post on this list. I mean any mails about support issues are welcome on it, by the way why not call it officially Étoilé support list!