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It's your computer: make it what you need. Get the latest version of the Étoilé base system, create more with new services and applications, or spice up your screen with unique wallpaper images.

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WARNING: As it stands now, Etoile is more or less a development environment and not a desktop environment. Most user-visible development such as Mélodie (music manager) have been put on hold, until our core frameworks become more mature.

  • We have no working theme since we are still in the process of migrating from our Camaelon theme engine to the new one bundled with GNUstep.
  • We are also switching to a new window manager based on the project-orientation idea, so our old window manager Azalea is now unsupported.

Source Code

Étoilé is developed in a subversion repository, located at svn://

Étoilé trunk

Trunk is where development happens. This should work, but is likely to contain untested code. If you want to get involved with Étoilé development, run this branch.

You can check out a copy with the command:

$ svn co svn:// Etoile

Étoilé 0.4.2

Released on April 12th 2012, it is limited to EtoileFoundation. It requires Clang 3.0 and the latest GNUstep releases or trunk. The release announcement can be read here.

The release archives include API documentation in the Documentation directory.

Download EtoileFoundation 0.5 (1.1MB)

Download EtoileFoundation 0.5 with SVN metadata (955KB)

Check out Version 0.4.2 with SVN (9.1MB)

Or browse Etoile 0.4.2 in the download area.


The release branches are fixed points in the tree. These are the most tested, and only contain things we are fairly confident work as advertised. A release is a partial snapshot of the trunk tree at a given time. If you are packaging Étoilé, please pick the latest release.

The tarball with SVN metadata contains the .svn folders and can be used to seed a source tree. If you run svn up in the directory created by untarring one of these then it will update to the latest trunk version.

Obsolete Downloads

VirtualBox Development Image

This is an Ubuntu 9.04 installation with a snapshot of Étoilé trunk from June 2009. The username and password are both etoile.

Download VirtualBox image (June 10, 2009) (895MB)

VirtualBox 3.0 or greater is required.

To use, extract the archive, and choose "Import Appliance" from the File menu of VirtualBox. You will then have to select the .ovf file, and it will take a few minutes to import the VM image.


The Étoilé LiveCD includes version 0.2, which is OBSOLETE. However, if you have a copy of the LiveCD already, the username and password are both etoile.

For the nostalgic, LiveCD 0.2 is available here (584MB)

Those interested in helping update the LiveCD can inquire here.


The previous Étoilé releases remain available in the download area. Take note they won't usually work with recent LLVM and GNUstep releases.