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Preferences Applications Early Screenshots

Posted on 30 January 2006 by Quentin Mathé

Three Étoilé Preferences applications are currently planned:

  • Look & Behavior
  • Hardware
  • Network

Another one to handle user accounts will probably be needed.

Here are some early screenshots (presenting both Hardware and Look & Behavior currently under development).

You can download these applications from Étoilé repository (they are located in trunk/Etoile/Services/User). Take note you will have to compile PreferencesKit first. If you build the whole repository, the build system will take care of that.

These applications are based on PreferencesKit and currently contain no real functionnalities. Their User Interface is still to be discussed and refined. Preferences Utilities are a very important point in my opinion for Étoilé, because both KDE and GNOME lack a simple yet efficient User Experience on this matter.

It is planned to use GNOME system-tools-backend (written in Perl) as Preferences applications backend to handle various OS deployment. More about System Tools Backend here.