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If you want, just log out...

Posted on 14 December 2006 by Quentin Mathé

Log out support has been fully implemented recently.

Recent System updates and the addition of EtoileBehavior bundle makes now possible to log out in a safe and clean way.

Safe and clean means any running applications will be asked to quit and whether they can quit or not. EtoileBehavior is registered as an AppKit bundle when you run script, then it is automatically injected in any AppKit-based applications when they are launched. EtoileBehavior includes currently the client part of the protocol that makes log out possible since GNUstep doesn't include anything by default to do this.

Any applications can cancel the log out either immediately or after some delay.

Any applications has 45 seconds to reply to log out request when they asked some delay, otherwise the log out is cancelled. For testing purpose, the reply delay is currently reduced to 15 seconds. System waits to be notified of all applications terminations, then it terminates all system processes (like gpbs, Azalea etc.) and exits.