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Install Étoilé (Survivor Guide)

Posted on 18 March 2007 by Quentin Mathé

Here are some quick instructions to build and install Étoilé…

First you need to build and install latest GNUstep svn version (not the latest release), then you can build and install Étoilé svn version too.

The easiest is to download a repository snapshot for both GNUstep and Étoilé.

Now you have to take some time to install GNUstep and Étoilé dependencies. They are described in this document for Linux Ubuntu. You can probably extrapolate the packages you need to install for other distributions or platforms from this document. If you have worked out a list of packages to install on other plaftorms than Ubuntu, we would be insterested to include this list directly into Étoilé repository as we already did with Ubuntu.

After that, you have to build and install GNUstep. Detailed instructions can be found here. To summarize shortly, inside core you have four modules to be built. Inside each one, type ./configure && make && sudo make install. Do it in this order: make, base, gui, back.

Then you are ready to truly install Étoilé. Unless you already install oniguruma regular expressions library on your computer, you probably need to it by hand since no packages exists usually. Then Étoilé...

  • Go into /trunk/Dependencies/oniguruma and type: ./configure make sudo make install
  • Go intro /trunk/Etoile make sudo make install ./

Now Étoilé should be successfully installed, you just got to log out and choose the right session in GDM, KDM or similar. If you cannot find Étoilé session as a choice, you should submit a bug report. However you can still use Étoilé by starting it with etoile script located in /usr/local/bin