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Étoilé 0.4 Hits FreeBSD Ports

Posted on 8 December 2008 by David Chisnall

Jesse just pointed out to me that the FreeBSD ports for Étoilé were updated to 0.4.0 last week. FreeBSD was the first operating system to package Étoilé, thanks to some excellent work by Dirk Meyer, who also maintains a large number of GNUstep ports for FreeBSD.

Dirk has added all of the 0.4 release to the ports tree, and you will also find a number of things that were part of the 0.2 release but weren't considered polished enough for 0.4.0 (but should be reappearing over the 0.4.x series after some more testing). There is a metaport called etoile which will install all of these. Simply do:

# cd /usr/ports/x11/etoile
# make install clean

Or, if you have portupgrade installed:

# portinstall etoile

And you will have the full set of Étoilé packages installed. If you want to package Étoilé for your own favourite operating system, then please subscribe to the etoile-packaging list and post any questions you might have there.