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Étoilé: What's going on? (June 2006)

Posted on 4 July 2006 by Nicolas Roard

A summary of what happend this last month on the subversion repository...

There wasn't as much activity compared to the previous month -- I'd guess for various reasons (end of academic year, exams, holidays, etc.) ;-)

Most of the activity was concentrated on updating the code, fixing bugs, reorganization, or refactorization.

The only addition to the repository is a new menulet (MenuServer plugin) by Yen-Ju Chen, WorkspaceSwitcher, which, like indicated by its name, allows you to switch between virtual desktops provided by Azalea.

Günther Noack worked on RSSKit -- more unit tests, some refactorization (a new class hierarchy for RSS types -- each class contains code to parse documents of that type). Thus the current version is deemed experimental, but bode well for the future ;-)

He also worked a bit on DictionaryReader, fixing some bugs ('bad dictionary name' bug in particular).

Saso Kiselkov added Solaris OS support code in the MenuServer, as well as fixing some bugs and reorganizing the makefiles.

Quentin Mathé worked on the ServicesBarKit to prepare its future integration with the MenuServer (Basically, the ServicesBarKit let applications provide "tray icons" -- currently displayed in a separate window, and in the near future it will thus be integrated in the MenuServer so those tray icons will appear directly in the menu; similar to OS X). He also fixed a few things in the compilation of process, added some better log statements in MenuServer, and reorganized a few things in EtoileExtensionsKit.

Azalea (our window manager) was updated by Yen-Ju, Quentin also improved the build process to better deal with the XWindowServerKit dependency.

Finally, Yen-Ju continued to work on the Io bridge, adding ObjC constants and importing an example (Developer/Examples/IoExample/ on how to use the Io Bridge to create a simple gui application.

To sum it up, lots of "internal work" this month... :-)