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Étoilé: What's going on? (July 2006)

Posted on 8 August 2006 by Nicolas Roard

Another summary of the svn activity :-)

Well, we are already the 8th... so I'll simply sum things up to today :-)

Yen-Ju did some updates on Azalea, as well as updating the Io VM; Saso fixed MenuServer to use the proper defaults key for suppressing the App icons tiles that GNUstep generates. Quentin imported Oniguruma 4.2.1 (released on 31/07/2006), the regular expression engine used in LuceneKit, on the repository (in the Dependencies folder) -- easier for people to get it that way, as it's apparently slightly exotic on some operating systems / distributions.

Günther continued to work on the new RSSKit -- more refactoring, some fixes, multithreading code, and doxygen documentation. Grr (the rss reader) then also had its share of updates and the current version should work with the current RSSKit. Günther also worked on DictionaryReader (the dictionary application), and did some refactoring and a few UI improvements (avoiding unnecessary line breaks, an edit menu item to copy/select all). Finally, he added icons to the Monitor and the Look and Behaviour preference panels.

Quentin fixed a few compilation issues in ServicesBarKit, and fixed the gorm file for the Hardware pref panel (it was apparently corrupted in the cvs to svn transition).

Quentin also worked on System -- the Étoilé main system process, which plays the role of an init process and a main server process (taking care of starting/stopping and monitor Étoilé core processes, possibly restarting them if they die). So System is now a real server and daemon, Distributed Objects support was added, it is now compiled by default when compiling Étoilé, and there is even some early documentation. Also, an "etoile.desktop" file was added -- which means you can now easily start étoilé (azalea, menuserver..) directly from a login panel such as GDM/KDM :-) System is still in early stages, but looks promising.

Finally, Quentin also added two nice postinstall scripts:

  • install Étoilé transparently
  • revert the effect of nicely install everything you need, in the proper place: EtoileWildMenu bundle, the Camaelon theme engine, Nesedah (our default GUI theme), System, etc.