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Some Quick StepChat News

Posted on 13 November 2007 by David Chisnall

My last few posts have all been about very low-level stuff and have been sorely lacking in pretty pictures.

For the last day or so I've been working on adding vCard support to StepChat. It's not finished, but it now creates a 'Jabber People' group in your address book and adds any published vCards there. In future, it will merge any changes in a nice way. For now, it only gets vCards once (I need to poke the presence stuff to spot vCard updates). One nice bonus is that Jabber stores avatars in vCards, and once you can load vCards you get avatars almost for free. You will see in the screenshot that Dom has a nice line-art dragon for his avatar.

I also chased down the bug that was preventing colours displaying in the roster with GNUstep, so now that works too. Finally, one more thing you can see in the screenshot is that GNUstep now has nice menu dividers. This shot was taken with the Cairo backend (which works almost perfectly; the only bug I've seen with it is that text in the status message box on the roster gets horribly smeared. Since this doesn't happen in other text boxes it's probably a nib loading error).

Unfortunately, the bug causing windows to have the wrong titles is still there. I will have to have a hunt for it at some point (or just wait for Yen-Ju to fix it).