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Étoilé Stable

Posted on 31 March 2007 by Yen-Ju Chen

We create a Étoilé stable branch for regular users. It can be obtained through svn:

svn co Etoile

Components in stable branch are relatively stable. It is recommended for packagers to use stable branch instead of trunk. A simple <i>make</i> can build everything[1]. Here is a short list of what we offer in stable branch:

  1. Menu bar (MenuServer + EtoileWildMenu)
  2. Window manager (Azalea)
  3. Dock (AZDock)
  4. Desktop background (AZBackground)
  5. Modern theme (Camaelon)
  6. Dictionary (DictionaryReader)
  7. RSS reader (Grr)
  8. PDF viewer (Vindaloo)
  9. Address book (AddressManager)
  10. Calculator (Calc)
  11. Text editor (Typewriter)
  12. and many other components behind the scene

[1] PopplerKit uses C++ language. Users may need to specify their C++ compiler to build it. For example: <i>CXX=g++-4.1 make</i>.