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PreferencesKit Preview

Posted on 25 January 2006 by Quentin Mathé

I'm happy to announce first PreferencesKit preview I have been working on until recently (with some help from Yen-Ju). It is based on GSSytemPreferences initial code written by Uli Kusterer. Thanks Uli :-)

PreferencesKit is a framework which provides various features to build flexible Preferences-like window in any GNUstep or Cocoa applications.

Key features:

  • Generic plugin model/schema
  • Plugins registry mechanism (with search paths) that can be specialized
  • NSPreferencePane and Backbone PrefsModule support
  • Possibility to choose between various presentations like toolbar or table view (where panes are listed)
  • Possibility to extend PreferencesKit with new custom presentation
  • Facility for Preferences-only applications development (just set up a main nib file, list plugins to load in a plist and link PreferencesKit to have an application ready to use)
  • Cocoa compatibility (Xcode project bundled)

Here are PreferencesKitExample screenshots running on both GNUstep and Cocoa.

You can download the framework from Étoilé repository. You can browse the code with this link.

Most of PreferencesKit features are demonstrated in PreferencesKitExample, it is worth to take a look at it.