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Keyboard control and theme of Azalea

Posted on 28 February 2007 by Yen-Ju Chen

Azalea is a port of Openbox 3. Therefore, configuration of OpenBox also applies to Azalea. Besides, Azalea comes with a default configuration for keyboard control and theme under Resources/openbox/rc.xml and Resources/themes/Azalea/ respectively. Here shows some keyboard control in rc.xml:

  • Ctrl+Alt+Left: move to the left desktop.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Right: move to the right desktop.
  • Ctrl+Alt+d: toggle desktop (hide and show all windows).
  • Alt+Tab: next window.
  • Alt+Space: show window menu (same as mouse left-click on icon on window title bar).
  • Ctrl+Space followed by 'r': bring up root menu (same as mouse right-click on empty space).

If a menu is brought up, use arrow keys to move around and 'enter' key to select. Some keyboard control are handy in certain case. For example, if the desktop is managed by GWorkspace, mouse right-click cannot bring up the root menu. Keyboard control still works.