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Étoilé cooler inside GNOME... who knows!

Posted on 12 April 2007 by Quentin Mathé

Here is a funny screenshot of Étoilé environment running inside GNOME.

I just improved menus support today. If the menu bar isn't in the usual location, the menus are still properly displayed. Étoilé inside GNOME is now truly usable :-) By the way Jesse also improved the menu look to better integrate with Nesedah as you can see when you click on screenshot thumbnail. New menu gradient was featured in mockups posted last week.

To start the environment, I just typed in gnome-terminal: etoile_system To exit, I can choose Log out entry in Étoile top left menu. Only GNUstep applications would be quitted in this border case.

You can also see AZDock on the left border nicely tracks X applications currently running too.

May be I should mention the main reason behind this patch was to make Étoilé system stuff (Menu, Session etc.) debugging more friendly.