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Étoilé: The Thesis!

Posted on 29 March 2007 by Jesse Ross

Today the Étoilé project got a huge compliment from student Michal Čáp in the form of a thesis paper proposal:

I am 22 y.o. computer science student from the Czech Republic, but I’m studying at England (Coventry) this year. I am writing here because I am now working on my final year project, which is about Étoilé. I am basically aiming to produce a work that should describe what is Étoilé project about and what are the main ideas behind. I am doing that because I am interested in the ideas put forward by Étoilé project. I can remember that when I read about Étoilé for the first time it took me quite a lot of time and effort to find out what is it all about and why is it so different. Therefore I want to work out a paper that would allow people to get into Étoilé more quickly.

He’s already done some really cool mockups. While some of the stuff is in need of updating due to recent changes, I’m still really impressed about what he’s been able to put together based on some random (and poorly organized) notes, emails and sketches. I can’t wait to chat more with him and get some of the blurrier points of the UI crystalized.