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Étoilé 0.4.1 Packages

Posted on 24 March 2009 by David Chisnall

We released 0.4.1 a few days ago. If you want to try it out, but don't want to have to build the system yourself, you now have several alternatives.

Arch Linux now has a package for 0.4.1.

FreeBSD has had a metaport of Étoilé since 0.1 back in 2006. It has now been updated to 0.4.1. Note that this metaport also includes some older things that are not part of 0.4, typically because they are not stable enough to be included in a release.

Gentoo has Étoilé 0.4.1 in the GNUstep overlay (not official link, because I can't work out how you're supposed to navigate the Gentoo packages site).

We're interested in hearing from anyone running Étoilé on other platforms. We've had reports of it working successfully on Debian and Ubuntu, although packages are not available for these platforms (Ubuntu has a Brainstorm suggestion and bug relating to Étoilé packages). I don't know if anyone has run recent versions of Étoilé on OpenBSD or Solaris, but I'd be interested in fixing any problems encountered on these platforms.

If you're interested in adding packages for Étoilé to your favourite operating system then send questions to our packagers mailing list or ask in SILC.