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On the way to EtoileUI, Part 1: Back to the Hackathon

Posted on 6 June 2008 by Quentin Mathé

For the Swansea hackathon, I gave a quick overview of EtoileUI. When I came back, I intended to upload it and wrote a post on the subject but the time went by faster than I expected :-)

During April and May, the framework has steadily improved to the point of being now usable on both GNUstep and Cocoa, but it is still quite experimental and many things remain to be worked out. In the early days of April, the stability of EtoileUI on GNUstep wasn't really satisfying too, since I initially wrote a large part of it on Mac OS X before backporting it this winter.

Before trying to explain what is EtoileUI in upcoming posts, here is the link to the presentation (PDF) I did.

As you probably know from the previous post, the integration of CoreObject and EtoileUI is moving forward, especially now that Eric has started to use both in a real application named EtoileTunes. This recent project has also motivated me to be quicker at squashing annoying bugs in these frameworks. On my side, a generic object manager based on the example of the last slide is coming along nicely. For now, it is mostly a CoreObject-based file manager which supports several views (icon, list, column, etc.), although it can be used to browse and mutate any object graphs that comply to a simple object collection protocol (declared in EtoileFoundation).