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Progress in May

Posted on 3 June 2007 by Yen-Ju Chen

Besides fixing bugs and preparing LiveCD 0.2, we have new applications in -stable:

  • Corner: run StepTalk scripts when mouse moves to corners of screen. You can change presence in StepChat or show desktop based on mouse movement.
  • Idle: sending notification when user idles. It is useful for StepChat and probably a future screen saver.
  • AZSwitch: an alt-tab window switcher.

    And some experimental applications in -trunk:

  • FontManager: manage fonts
  • ColloquySetStatus: change Colloguy status based on presence of StepChat
  • Microblogger: publish presence from StepChat to Jaiku
  • TermX: a terminal emulator ported from macosxterm. It works both on GNUstep and Cocoa.

    While these are small applications, they demonstrate GNUstep applications can easily work together.