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Hackathon Progress

Posted on 30 March 2008 by David Chisnall

The hackathon started on Friday, with Quentin and Nicolas arriving in Swansea in the early afternoon. After briefly settling in, the three of us gave a short series of talks to the postgraduate students in the department of computer science.

Quentin expains things

I managed to pursuade Quentin to write some documentation, which can be seen here:

Quentin" documentation

Jesse, unfortunately, was unable to be with us in the flesh, but appeared on the wall in the middle of the afternoon as our very own Big Brother (or possibly Emmanuel Goldstein):

Big Brother Jesse

Most of the time has been spent working on CoreObject-related things. Nicolas has implemented a basic semantic text editor, which Quentin is wrapping up in CoreObject. I spent most of the time so far working on EtoileSerialise (or EtoileSerialize, as it is now known). It now passes the test automatically serialising nested structures of arrays of structures. The storage has also been abstracted away, and branching (finally) implemented.

Nicolas explains his code to Quentin

Last night, after a day of hacking on various things, we implemented CorePizza, the official Étoilé project food:

The Real Core Object

Someone stole an hour from the middle of last night, so we're a bit tired today, but still making progress.