NSInvocation categories documentation

All the public Categories which extend NSInvocation class.


NSInvocation (Etoile)

NSInvocation additions.

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Declared inNSInvocation+Etoile.h


+ (id) invocationWithTarget: (id)target selector: (SEL)selector arguments: (NSArray *)args

Creates and returns a new invocation ready to be invoked by taking in input all mandatory parameters.

This method is only usable for selector for which the method signature doesn't declare arguments with C-intrisic types. In other words, the method to be invoked has to take only objects in parameter.

TODO: May be implement support of the C-intrisic types that can be boxed into NSValue instances, by handling the unboxing of the NSValue instances if needed. The code should still work well if the method takes an NSValue object in argument.