ETUnionViewpoint class documentation

ETUnionViewpoint : ETCollectionViewpoint

A proxy giving access to a model property as a mutable collection.

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Declared inETUnionViewpoint.h


ETCollectionViewpoint turns a collection property belonging to a represented object into a immutable or mutable collection proxy that implements the collection protocols.

Using it as an immutable collection proxy doesn't bring a lot of benefits. However ETCollectionViewpoint can use Key-Value-Coding accessors to support mutating the collection without implementing ETCollection and ETCollectionMutation on the represented object (for the property that holds the collection).

A model object usually implements collection protocols providing access to its dominant/main collection aspect, but the represent object doesn't support these protocols to access other collections exposed as properties. ETCollectionViewpoint exposes these other collections as the main collection is usually exposed.


+ (id) mixedValueMarker
Description forthcoming.
    - (NSString *) contentKeyPath
    Description forthcoming.
      - (void) setContentKeyPath: (NSString *)contentKeyPath
      Description forthcoming.