ETViewpointTrait class documentation

ETViewpointTrait : NSObject <ETViewpoint>

A basic and reusable ETViewpoint protocol implementation.

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Declared inETViewpoint.h


If you implement a class that conforms to ETViewpoint, the core implementation of the protocol is usually the same. You can adopt this trait to get all the basic viewpoint behavior without writing code, and just implement or reimplement the parts that matter.

For example, ETMutableObjectViewpoint uses this trait.


- (BOOL) isViewpoint

Returns YES.

    Mutability Trait

    - (BOOL) isMutableValue
    Description forthcoming.
      - (void) applyMutableViewpointTraitForValue: (id)aValue
      Description forthcoming.
        - (void) unapplyMutableViewpointTraitForValue: (id)aValue
        Description forthcoming.