All the public Constants, Enums and Unions in EtoileFoundation



NSString* const ETCollectionDidUpdateNotification

Posts this notification to let other objects know about collection mutation in your model object.

For example, EtoileUI uses this notification to reload the UI transparently. See -[ETLayoutItemGroup setRepresentedObject:] .

NSString* const kETDescriptionOptionMaxDepth

Integer number object to indicate the depth at which -descriptionWithOptions: should stop to traverse collections with kETDescriptionOptionTraversalKey.

Default value is 20.

NSString* const kETDescriptionOptionPropertyIndent

String used as the base indentation for properties in -descriptionWithOptions: .

For an empty string, all properties are output on the same line.

For other indentation e.g. a tab, each property is output on a distinct line.

Default value is an empty string.

NSString* const kETDescriptionOptionShortDescriptionSelector

Selector string to indicate which method should be called to print a short object description.

If the receiver doesn't respond to this selector, then -description is used.

Default value is 'description'.

NSString* const kETDescriptionOptionTraversalKey

Key-Value-Coding key to indicate a value to be treated as a recursive collection. Each element will be sent -descriptionWithOptions: to report every descendant description.

Default value is nil.

NSString* const kETDescriptionOptionValuesForKeyPaths

An array of key paths to indicate the values -descriptionWithOptions: should report.

Default value is nil.

NSString* ETSocketException

Exception thrown on abrupt termination.

enum ... ETCollectionMutationKind

Description forthcoming.
const NSUInteger ETUndeterminedIndex

Marks an element which shouldn't be considered bound to a particular index in an ordered collection or whose index isn't yet determined.

For use cases, see ETCollectionMutation.

With EtoileUI, can be used to indicate a drop is not an insertion at precise index but a simple drop on.

EMIT_STRING( kTranscriptDelegate

Key used to identify the transcript delegate for this thread.

NSString* const kETUTITagClassFileExtension

Key to identify the file extension array in a type tag dictionary.

NSString* const kETUTITagClassMIMEType

Key to identify the MIME type string array in a type tag dictionary.

enum ... ETExceptionType

Type of exception. Used as the return type from exception handlers. Abort causes stack unwinding. Resume continues execution after the line that raised the exception and retry causes the block that caused the exception to be retried, if it was declared as restartable.


Description forthcoming.