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NSIndexPath (Etoile)

Additions to NSIndexPath.

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Declared inNSIndexPath+Etoile.h


+ (NSIndexPath *) indexPath

Returns a new autoreleased empty index path.

    + (NSIndexPath *) indexPathWithString: (NSString *)aPath

    Returns a new autoreleased index path initialized with a index path string representation.

    The string representation must use . as separator. For example, 5.6.7.

      - (NSUInteger) firstIndex

      Returns the first path component in the index path.

        - (NSUInteger) lastIndex

        Returns the last path component in the index path.

          - (NSIndexPath *) indexPathByRemovingFirstIndex

          Returns a new autoreleased index path by removing the first path component.

            - (NSString *) stringByJoiningIndexPathWithSeparator: (NSString *)separator

            Returns an autoreleased string representation by joining each index path component with the given separator.

            e.g. '5/6/7' with '/' as separator or '5.6.7' with '.' as separator.

            Will raise an NSInvalidArgumentException if the separator is nil.

              - (NSString *) stringValue

              Returns a string representation of the receiver.

              Take note that KVC as implemented by Foundation collection classes such as NSArray doesn't support to look up elements with a key like '5' or a key path like ''. -valueForKey: and -valueForKeyPath: would try to lookup 5 and 6 as ivar or method names.