ETAdaptiveModelObject class documentation

ETAdaptiveModelObject : NSObject

Model object under the metamodel control.

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Declared inETAdaptiveModelObject.h


WARNING: This class is under development and must be ignored.

Very simple implementation of an adaptive model object that is causally connected to its description. This means that changes to the entity description immediately take effect in the instance of ETAdaptiveModelObject.

Causal connection is ensured through the implementation of -valueForProperty: and -setValue:forProperty: .

Property Value Coding

- (id) valueForProperty: (NSString *)key

Returns the property value if the property is declared in the metamodel (aka entity description).

    - (BOOL) setValue: (id)value forProperty: (NSString *)key

    Sets the property value and returns YES when the property is declared in the metamodel and it allows the value to be set. In all other cases, does nothing and returns NO.