EtoileFoundation Mac OS X and iOS INSTALL

Required software

In addition to Xcode 4 or higher, you need Mac OS X 10.6 or higher to compile EtoileFoundation and EtoileXML.

Build and Install

For a simple build, open EtoileFoundation.xcodeproj and choose EtoileFoundation, EtoileFoundation (iOS) or EtoileXML in the Scheme menu.

To install in /Library/Frameworks on Mac OS X, do the build in the shell:

sudo xcodebuild -scheme EtoileFoundation -configuration Release clean install DSTROOT=/Library INSTALL_PATH=/Frameworks
sudo xcodebuild -scheme EtoileXML -configuration Release clean install DSTROOT=/Library INSTALL_PATH=/Frameworks

Note: By default, INSTALL_PATH is set to @rpath and DSTROOT to the project directory.

iOS support

To use the resulting library in your own project, the EtoileFoundation headers and library have to be made visible in the project search paths as explained below.

First, create a symbolic link inside your project directory (the one that contains the Xcode project) pointing on the EtoileFoundation directory :

ln -s path/to/EtoileFoundation path/to/your/project

You must then tweak your project build setting $HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS (in the Search Paths section) to include the line below:


Finally link the library, and include the EtoileFoundation/Resources directory content among your project resources. You are now ready to use EtoileFoundation in your project by importing EtoileFoundation.h as you would usually:

#import <EtoileFoundation/EtoileFoundation.h>

Test suite

UnitKit is required, see

Note: If you have the entire (Etoile repository)[], UnitKit is built together with EtoileFoundation (as a workspace subproject).

To produce a test bundle and run the test suite, open EtoileFoundation.xcodeproj and choose TestEtoileFoundation or TestEtoileFoundation (iOS) in the Scheme menu.

+Note: The test suite doesn’t test the classes that belong to EtoileThread +and EtoileXML. For these, tests are available in their respective +subdirectories but they currently don’t use UnitKit.


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