COItemGraph class documentation

COItemGraph <NSObject>

Protocol for a mutable item graph.

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Declared inCOItemGraph.h


Object Model

All objects must have a composite or non-composite relationship path to the root (garbage-collected graph approach). This can be violated in the short term while making a batch of changes.

Garbage collection is not covered by this protocol.


- (ETUUID *) rootItemUUID

Returns the entry point UUID.

    - (COItem *) itemForUUID: (ETUUID *)aUUID

    Returns an immutable item for the UUID.

      - (NSArray *) itemUUIDs

      Returns all the item UUIDs in the graph, including -rootItemUUID .

        - (void) insertOrUpdateItems: (NSArray *)items

        Inserts the items in the graph, or updates existing items when the graph contains items with matching UUIDs.

        When combined with the receiver, all inner references should be resolved.

        May broadcast a change notification, up to the subclass.