CoreObject Mac OS X and iOS INSTALL

Required software

CoreObject requires the following:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Xcode 4.6 or higher
  • libsqlite 3.7.7 or higher (included with Mac OS X 10.7)
  • EtoileFoundation
  • UnitKit (Only required for running the test suite)

You can either get CoreObject and its dependencies from git:

git clone
git clone
git clone

(The Xcode projects require that these three repos are cloned into the same directory.)

Or, get the entire √Čtoil√© repository, which has a script to check out CoreObject and all of the other Etoile frameworks.

Warning: There is no iOS support yet.

Build and Install

For a simple build, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose CoreObject in the Scheme menu. EtoileFoundation and UnitKit will be built together with CoreObject (as workspace subprojects).

To run a simple example, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose BasicPersistence in the Scheme menu.

For a more complex demo, open Samples/ProjectDemo/ProjectDemo.xcodeproj and choose ProjectDemo in the Scheme menu.

Framework Installation

We don’t recommend installing frameworks on OS X, but if you want to, the following shell command will install CoreObject.framework in /Library/Frameworks:

sudo xcodebuild -scheme CoreObject -configuration Release clean install DSTROOT=/Library INSTALL_PATH=/Frameworks

Note: By default, INSTALL_PATH is set to @rpath and DSTROOT to the project directory.

Test suite

Note: If you have the entire Etoile repository, UnitKit is built together with CoreObject (as a workspace subproject).

To produce a test bundle and run the test suite, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose TestCoreObject in the Scheme menu.

In addition, the Xcode project includes a benchmark suite built as a test bundle. To run it, open CoreObject.xcodeproj and choose BenchmarkCoreObject in the Scheme menu.


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