CORevision class documentation

CORevision : NSObject <COTrackNode>

CORevision represents a revision in the history graph.

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Declared inCORevision.h


A revision contains:

  • a snapshot of the inner objects
  • various metadata including parent revisions (one, or two for a merge commit)
  • a UUID
  • the UUID of the branch that the revision was originally made on
  • an arbitrary JSON dictionary for application use

For each COBranch that contains uncommitted object graph context changes (i.e. changes to the inner objects), a new revision will be created on commit.

As explained in COUndoTrack and the Commits section of COEditingContext, a commit can create multiple revisions or even none.

Revisions are immutable.

History Properties and Metadata


Returns the revision identifier.

This revision UUID is unique accross all CoreObject stores.

    - (CORevision *) parentRevision

    The revision upon which this one is based i.e. the main previous revision. For the first revision in a persistent root, returns nil (unless the persistent root is a cheap copy).

      - (CORevision *) mergeParentRevision

      If this revision is the result of merging another branch into the this branch, returns the revision that was merged in, otherwise nil.

        - (ETUUID *) persistentRootUUID

        Returns the persistent root UUID involved in the revision.

        It is possible that this persistent root no longer exists.

          - (ETUUID *) branchUUID

          Returns the branch UUID involved in the revision.

          It is possible that this branch no longer exists.

            - (NSDate *) date

            Returns the date at which the revision was committed.

              - (NSDictionary *) metadata

              Returns the metadata attached to the revision at commit time.

                - (COCommitDescriptor *) commitDescriptor

                Returns the commit descriptor matching the commit identifier in -metadata .

                  - (NSString *) localizedTypeDescription
                  - (NSString *) localizedShortDescription

                  Returns the commit descriptor short description evaluated with the arguments provided under the key kCOCommitMetadataShortDescriptionArguments in -metadata.

                  See -[COCommitDescriptor localizedShortDescriptionWithArguments:]

                    - (id <COTrackNode>) parentNode

                    Returns -parentRevision .

                      - (id <COTrackNode>) mergeParentNode

                      History Graph Inspection

                      - (BOOL) isEqualToOrAncestorOfRevision: (CORevision *)aRevision

                      Returns whether the receiver is equal to an ancestor of the given revision.

                        Framework Private

                        - (id) initWithCache: (CORevisionCache *)aCache revisionInfo: (CORevisionInfo *)aRevInfo

                        Initializes and returns a new revision object to represent a precise revision number in the given revision cache.


                          - (NSString *) type

                          Returns the revision type.

                          e.g. merge, persistent root creation, minor edit, etc.

                          Note: This type notion is a bit vague currently.

                            - (NSString *) shortDescription

                            Returns the revision short description.

                            This description is optional.