ETXMLParserDelegate documentation

ETXMLWriting <NSObject>

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Declared inETXMLParserDelegate.h


The ETXMLWriting protocol is implemented by any object which consumes SAX-like events, either from a parser or from some other data source.


- (void) characters: (NSString *)_chars

Called by the parser whenever character data is parsed. The parser will attempt to compromise between getting the data to the handler as soon as possible, and avoiding calling this too frequently. Typically, this will either be passed a complete CDATA run in one go, or it will be passed the longest available CDATA section in the current parse buffer.

    - (void) startElement: (NSString *)_Name attributes: (NSDictionary *)_attributes

    Called whenever a new XML element is started. Attributes are passed in a dictionary in the same key-value pairs in the XML source.

      - (void) endElement: (NSString *)_Name

      Called whenever an XML element is terminated. Short form XML elements (e.g. <br />) will cause immediate calls to the start and end element methods in the delegate.