ETXMLNode class documentation

ETXMLNode : NSObject <ETXMLParserDelegate>

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Declared inETXMLNode.h


The ETXMLNode class represents a single XML element, which may contain character data or other nodes. It can be used with the parser directly to create an object structure representing the XML hierarchy. More commonly, it is used to generate the tree directly and then output XML.

This class almost certainly uses some non-standard terminology relating to XML, which should probably be fixed at some point. Eventually, this class should probably be retired. Currently, most of the XMPP code only uses the +ETXMLNodeWithType , +ETXMLNodeWithType:attributes: , -addChild:, -addCData: and -stringValue: methods. All others should be considered deprecated.

Note: ETXMLNode objects are always mutable, and should be treated as such.


+ (id) ETXMLNodeWithType: (NSString *)type

Create a new instance of the class with the specified type. [ETXMLNode ETXMLNodeWithType:@"foo"] give an object representing the XML string "<foo />"

    + (id) ETXMLNodeWithType: (NSString *)type attributes: (NSDictionary *)_attributes

    Create a new instance of the class with the specified type and attributes.

      - (id) initWithType: (NSString *)type

      Initialise a created instance with an XML node name.

        - (id) initWithType: (NSString *)type attributes: (NSDictionary *)_attributes

        Initialise an instance with the specified node name and attributes.

          - (NSString *) type
          Description forthcoming.
            - (NSString *) stringValue

            Generate an XML string representing the node.

              - (NSString *) unindentedStringValue

              Produces an XML string without pretty printing.

                - (NSSet *) getChildrenWithName: (NSString *)_name
                Description forthcoming.
                  - (unsigned int) children
                  Description forthcoming.
                    - (NSArray *) elements
                    Description forthcoming.
                      - (void) addChild: (id)anElement
                      Description forthcoming.
                        - (void) addCData: (id)newCData
                        Description forthcoming.
                          - (NSString *) cdata
                          Description forthcoming.
                            - (void) setCData: (NSString *)newCData
                            Description forthcoming.
                              - (NSString *) get: (NSString *)attribute
                              Description forthcoming.
                                - (void) set: (NSString *)attribute to: (NSString *)value
                                Description forthcoming.