ETXMLNullHandler class documentation

ETXMLNullHandler : NSObject <ETXMLParserDelegate>

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Declared inETXMLNullHandler.h


The ETXMLNullHandler class serves two purposes. First, it is used when parsing to ignore an XML element and all of its children. It simply maintains a count of the depth, and ignores everything passed to it.

The second use is as a superclass for other XML parser delegates. The class implements the required functionality for a parser delegate, and so can be easily extended through subclassing.


- (id) initWithXMLParser: (ETXMLParser *)aParser key: (id)aKey

Create a new handler for the specified parent. When the next element and all children have been handled (ignored), control will be returned to the parent object.

The key is used to pass the parsed object (if not nil) to the parent. The parent's -add{key}: method will be called with the value of this object's 'value' instance variable when -notifyParent: is called. This is only relevant to sub-classes.

    - (void) addChild: (id)aChild forKey: (id)aKey

    Dynamic dispatch method that calls [self add{ aChild}:aKey] if the object responds to add{aChild}:. This is similar to the KVC mechamism, but used instead so subclasses do not have to be fully KVC compliant.

      - (void) notifyParent

      Pass the instance variable 'value' up to the parent.