Development: Status & Roadmap

Current Status

We are currently working hard on building a stable base on which Étoilé will be constructed.

The current Étoilé release is 0.4.2, released in April 2012.


0.4.3 (2014)

Developer Stuff:

  • CoreObject (first release, an early prototype was released in 0.4.1)
  • LanguageKit
  • SourceCodeKit
  • EtoileFoundation (fully cleaned e.g. mixins, prototype support for the new GNU runtime)
  • UnitKit (fully cleaned)


User-visible Stuff:

  • Nesedah and Narcissus themes (rewritten to use the GNUstep theme engine)
  • Generic Object Manager
  • Worktable (compound document editor)
  • Mélodie (rewritten to use the latest CoreObject and EtoileUI API, support undo/redo and pick/drop etc.)
  • PhotoManager
  • ProjectManager
  • OverlayShelf
  • CodeMonkey IDE
  • UI builder
  • Inbox (generic messaging UI that may supercede StepChat)
  • StructuredTextEditor (hybrid text editor / outliner based on EtoileText that may supercede Typewriter)
  • Terminal

Developer Stuff:

  • OMeta and new Smalltalk parser
  • EtoileUI
  • EtoileText (semantic and structured text editing that leverages CoreObject)
  • EtoilePaint (hybrid vector/bitmap graphics editing framework built on top of EtoileUI)
  • Video support in MediaKit and a video player
  • SystemConfig (keyboard configuration, DBusKit integration etc.)
  • Contact and Bookmark APIs on top of CoreObject
  • Cleaned EtoileXML
  • Fully cleaned XMPPKit (API naming and consistency check)
  • Mock object testing for UnitKit


In the next years, we hope to release Étoilé 0.5, which will be our first release aimed at users - it will be a functioning preview of the desktop environment we have been planning and developing for the past ten years.

Planned features are:

  • Working services, using EtoileUI and CoreObject:
    • Music manager
    • Photo manager
    • Contact manager
    • Generic object manager
    • IDE
    • Structured graphics editor
    • Structured text editor
  • Message store system
  • Desktop notification system
  • Project manager
  • Fully polished themes (Narcissus and/or Nesedah)