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Other Policies

Understanding Étoilé Releases

Since October 2008, Étoilé release numbers are made from three separate numbers, in the form x.y.z. The first of these indicates the general level of user-readiness. The second indicates the milestone. Even number values of y are releases aimed at developers, while odd numbers are aimed at users. The final component is time-based. We aim to create a new release at least every two months.

Let's have a look at how this works in practice. Consider the release 0.4.1. The first component is 0, meaning this is only aimed at early adopters and developers. The second digit, 4, means that this includes some major changes since 0.3.x and that this release is aimed at developers (0.3.x didn't exist, since we were not ready for a user-focussed release at this point). The final digit indicates this is the second in the 0.4.x series. The next release will be 0.4.2, which may contain some additional services (applications) and frameworks.