Support: Team

It's not just about the code; it's about the people behind the code. Meet the Étoilé Core Team and learn who to contact when you have a question.

David Chisnall, theraven

David Chisnall is a freelance writer and consultant. He is the author of The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor, Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook, and Objective-C 2.0 Phrasebook. He is currently working on several projects related to efficient language design and implementation. He writes a column for InformIT. His contributions to Étoilé include:

  • LanguageKit, the framework used for implementing dynamic languages, including Pragmatic Smalltalk and EScript.
  • EtoileText, a framework for manipulating rich structured text.
  • StepChat, the Étoilé Jabber client, and XMPPKit, the XMPP implementation that it uses.
  • EtoileSerialise, the persistent object framework used by CoreObject.
  • EtoileThread and EtoileXML, the concurrency and XML parsing frameworks used by Etoile.
  • Objective-C support in Clang, and the GNUstep Objective-C runtime, used to provide Objective-C 2 support for Étoilé.

A slightly out-of-date version of his CV is online for anyone considering offering him work and not put off by the fact he writes about himself in the third person.

Niels Grewe, thebeing

Niels Grewe is a research assistant at the University of Rostock. The idea of designing the right set of abstractions for a natural and intuitive user interface got him hooked up with Étoilé but he is also interested in compiler and programming language design. When he is not busy pondering more theoretical issues, he is working on whatever less cared for area within the project strikes his fancy. His contributions to Étoilé include:

  • The higher-order messaging based collection manipulation API for EtoileFoundation
  • The XML deserializer backend for EtoileSerialize
  • Support code for exchanging serialised object graphs via XMPP

Quentin Mathé, qmathe

Quentin Mathé is a multimedia designer slowly moving toward more low-level experiments. Few years ago, he discovered the GNUstep project and a year later Nicolas Roard and he started the Étoilé project. His interests cover a wide range of topics, from programming language design to user interface. He recently wrote EtoileUI, a high level and reflective UI toolkit to support the user experience ideas behind Étoilé. Some of his contributions to Étoilé include:

  • EtoileUI
  • CoreObject
  • IconKit, the icon theme and compositing framework
  • LiveCD, the Ubuntu-based LiveCD infrastructure
  • SystemConfig, the system related preferences framework
  • System, the Étoilé daemonizer

Nicolas Roard, nico, nicolasroard

Nicolas Roard is a software engineer at Google, working on mobile devices. A long time GNUstep enthusiast, he originally contributed the Étoilé theme engine, Camaelon, and while his contributions last year mostly consisted of cheering on the rest of the developers (writing a thesis *eats* any free time!), his plans for the coming year are to improve theme support in GNUstep and Étoilé, work on integrated help support, improve the services mechanisms, commit various frameworks and palettes lingering on his hard drive and complete his structured document editor.

Jesse Ross, jross

Jesse Ross is a web designer and developer for Sevnthsin, a small interactive agency in Minnesota. In what little free time he has, he works as the lead artist for the Étoilé project. He designed the current and previous UI themes (Narcissus and Nesedah) for Étoilé, has designed many of the app icons used in the system, and is responsible for the project's web site. When he's not doing graphic work, he has aspirations of building small programs using the Étoilé toolkit.

Eric Wasylishen, ericw

Eric is a recently-graduated computing science student who is interested in programming languages and human-computer interaction. He joined the Étoilé team because he was impressed by their vision of a desktop environment designed from the ground up using user-centered design principles. He has contributed an interpreter for LanguageKit, a metamodel framework based on FAME, and is currently developing a framework for doing diff/merge on object graphs and collaborative editing.