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Terminology we use in Étoilé

User Interface Glossary

Composite Document
Any documenty in Étoilé is free to contain any kind of content.
This command marks the current version of the document as being interesting to the user. This replaces manual versioning of documents some users do with current desktop environments (e.g. saving copies of a file "resume.001.doc", "resume.002.doc", etc.)
Pick & Drop
We have unified Drag & drop and Cut/Copy/Paste operations by making them operate on the pickboard: a temporary group which holds objects currently being operated on in the Drag & Drop or Copy/Paste operation.
A container for grouping together documents, like a virtual desktop but persistent.
A container used for storing objects which will be used frequently in the short term. Objects in the pickboard can then be dropped in to a project or document.
Overlay Shelf
A UI element similar to Dashboard in Mac OS X, but which functions as a pickboard: any type of document or object can be stored on it.
Replacing the role of applications in a traditional desktop, services provide tools for editing documents, prebuilt views for viewing collections (such as music player or photo manager views), or "widgets".
Our name for the searching/filtering features in Étoilé.

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